Our mission is to make sustainably grown products taste great! By using cutting-edge technology, we can grow year-round locally, drive flavour and decrease our overall carbon footprint. At The Flavour Farm, we want to inspire healthier choices and support our communities. Our goal is to always deliver fresh produce that has phenomenal taste and minimal environmental impact.

Sustainable international food supply

The Flavour Farm is a new part of CIBUS Fund, a British investment fund with agricultural roots that invests in companies that can make the international food supply more sustainable. The Flavour Farm focuses entirely on the sustainable, local and fossil-free cultivation of fruit vegetables and leafy crops in high-tech greenhouses.

Circular tomato production

Cibus has gathered a management team with expertise in sustainable and circular tomato production, with the mission to seek out businesses with alignment to the Cibus impact objectives which contribute to solving the problem the wider Cibus mandate aims to address.