Our mission is to make sustainably grown product taste great! By using cutting-edge technology, we can grow year-round locally, drive flavour and decrease our overall carbon footprint. With our brand we want to inspire healthier choices and support our communities. Our goal is to always deliver fresh produce that has phenomenal taste and minimal environmental impact.

van Straalen

Local, sustainable, year-round production and delivery

  • The basis of The Flavour Farm is sizeable local production in high-tech greenhouses, supplemented with other local products and, where necessary, imports
  • Opportunity to capitalize on increasing focus on self-sufficiency in the UK, providing retailers with year-round scheduled supply and achieving premium pricing through focusing on enhanced genetics and quality, grown locally

Integrated value chain with more quality, added-value and margin

  • Existing value chain creates ambiguity, unpredictability, food waste and subsequent loss of value and margin
  • Retailers currently use a mix of suppliers and traders that do not independently address year-round fresh local produce, resulting in high import levels and a negative impact from a sustainability perspective
  • The Flavour Farm will shorten the value chain, ensuring higher quality, longer shelf life and security of supply

Cultivation of exclusive premium varieties of fresh produce

  • Working with protected varieties of tomatoes will position The Flavour Farm to expand, utilizing the premium taste, colour and composition to actively meet retail and consumer demands

Multi-disciplinary and experienced team

  • The Flavour Farm combines the knowledge and experience of growing, sourcing, trading and marketing of fresh produce
  • The Flavour Farm is distinguished by a multi-disciplinary and experienced team, combining the standalone platform proposition with the right people